Steve Dominey

Yorkshire & Fife Fancy Canaries



5th JAN 2013

About Steve..

The youngest winner of YCC supreme award


Eight times judge of the YCC open show and nine times judge at the MYCC open show.


Welcome to my website which will hopefully give an insight into my life with Yorkshire Canaries and more recent years Fife Fancy Canaries,and my experiences within the fancy for which I have been actively involved for over five decades.


During those years I have seen many changes within the fancy yet the compassion shown for ones birds and friendships still stand the test of time. Experiences that true fanciers share with one another still make the hobby

what it has always been.


The passing over the years of some of our comrades

have seen them take with them much experience yet our memories of them make the path an enjoyable extension of life.


I have always taken the fancy to heart and remained

faithful to it, remaining critical of its human recourse simply because I care. Its future is not as bright as its past yet we still retain the heritage that our forefathers created and it remains in our hands to carry forward.

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(Left) Steve’s well known clear buff cock Yorkshire canary which was successful on the show bench and considered by some to be one of the best birds of its type.  



A self green buff cock Fife Fancy canary bred by    

Steve in 2017.


Yorkshire and Fife Fancy canaries.


The Long and the short of breeding and exhibiting these canaries.


Having been totally absorbed within the Yorkshire canary fancy for so many years I have found the Fife canary fancy offers a complete new challenge. The timing of my Yorkshire canary partnership with Bob Pepper could not have come at a better time as Bob's return to the fancy rekindled my love of the Yorkshire while allowing my new pursuit of breeding Fife's for the show bench.


To have in your minds eye the longest and the shortest breeds at the same time presents its own challenge yet I have been able to adapt my time and thinking  to suit both breeds while extending my own enjoyment within the hobby.  


My visits to some of the Fife Canary shows have left me amazed at the interest for this breed and the excellent competition upon the show bench while mainataining my desire for Bob and myself to continue breeding true to type Yorkshies.






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