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5th JAN 2013

2018 EYCC Show Report

Edrimet Yorkshire Canary Club


The greatest show of Yorkshire canaries in the world


This years show staged in Edrimet, Turkey, built on the two previous years shows which have both obtained excellent entries including a world record of 1700 Yorkshire canaries in its first year. This years show proved to be even bigger with an entry exceeding 2000 Yorkshire canaries.

The there judges, Leon Lebrun, Daniele Corso and Steve Dominey spent eleven hours on the Saturday judging the exhibits finishing at 23.00 in the evening followed by another hour on the Sunday morning judging the adult bird classes.

In am attempt to discover why the show has proved to be such a success several discussions took place over the weekend and the following is a study of some of the features mentioned.

THE CLUB. The club is now three years in existence yet from the start the founder members felt that there was a need for a specialist Yorkshire canary club in the Edrimet area such was the interest in the Yorkshire canary.  Yet not all of the officials are local with fanciers heavily involved in the running of the show living hundreds of miles away. They are hard working officials who have put the quality of the show to the forefront. They have promoted the club and the show to families as well as the keenest fancier and have the very important asset of the assistance of the Mayor of Edrimet very much on side with sponsorship and attendance at the show.

The long established shows in Istanbul and Izmir had led the way in Turkey for many years and the addition of the third show can only aid the future of the breed further.




It is now accepted as the largest show of Yorkshire canaries anywhere in the world. It receives television and media promotion and attracts over a thousand visitors to the show which this year included the presentation of medals, goodie bags and a pet canary in a quality cage to several young children who submitted entries into a school competition. It was a joy these this prove to be so popular at the show.  Again the Mayor was present to present these awards.

Every bird placed receives a trophy for its owner and this year saw additional adult classes at the request of the judges. With some classes containing over two hundred exhibits to gain a place in the first seven in the class is an achievement in itself.

It is also the first Yorkshire canary show in the show calendar in turkey so many are keen to show their birds.

Some of the best stewards you could find anywhere make the show run well and work long hours supporting the judges.

The show also attracts many bird traders with hundreds of Yorkshires and other canary breeds for sale.



The show has been staged in two excellent venues with the original venue directly on the scenic west coast. This hall proved too small for the entry so the show was moved to the local basketball arena which has proved to be perfect for the show.  Its floor area is perfect for the staging while the upper level balcony’s work well for the many bird traders that attend the show. The venue is affordable due to the assistance of the Mayor, while in return the large numbers of visitors that the show attracts provides a boost to the area which in turn aids the local economy at what would be a quite time of the year in respect to tourism.




The club endeavour to appoint resident judges from Europe with the aim of providing consistency of the winning birds. This seems to be taken favourably by the exhibitors. The judges have held a seminar with members to explain the features of the breed. The judges aim is to aid exhibitors so that everyone can improve their birds in respect to show quality under the guidance of the Golding model.

It is important for the judges that each bird exhibited can be given the opportunity to perform.



The show attracts exhibitors from great distance in Turkey. Some drive with their birds while other group together with travel of the birds allowing some of them to fly into Edrimet for the show. The birds are transported in either timber or plastic boxes and are then placed into the show cages at the venue.  A new plastic show cage has been accepted in Turkey for Yorkshires and these being collapsible are either brought to the show by the exhibitor or rented to them by the club.

There is no novice section, everyone shows together and everyone rises to that challenge without compliant. New members are seeing some birds of their birds being placed at the show which is encouraging for everyone.

There are many younger exhibitors who seem so keen to progress and several families who visit the show. The show is an event that has a high level of importance to so many.

To obtain a class placing or special award at Edrimet is truly an achievement.



The show attracts many high quality exhibits and many of these compare to the very best in the fancy today. The standard of training has greatly improved and it is good to see so many steady birds on the show bench.


The best in show winning birds have in the judges opinion been exceptional birds and true to type of the Golding model with good position, length and feather quality.

These winning birds represent the show to the fancy and hopefully also represent the consistency of judging that the judges are looking to achieve.



Another amazing show with 2003 competitive exhibits on show. The best in show was a fantastic high quality green marked buff hen shown by the Izmir Yorkshire group. Having won a class of 219 birds this hen showed superbly the qualities that we are looking for in a true Yorkshire canary, feather, position, shape and temperament to match.

In second place was a beautifully feathered green buff hen shown by Ergun Yagizoglu.

Another green marked buff hen was the third best exhibit benched by Umit Gakit, showing excellent shape and position.

The club president Kamil Eckici took the fourth best award with a very pleasing self green non colour fed yellow hen.

A cinnamon buff hen was placed in fifth place that possessed superb showmanship and was a very good winner for Cuma Dura.

The sixth best was a green marked yellow cock shown by Mustafa Yilmaz. This was a very popular bird at the show and again showed itself well all weekend and was a credit to its owner. The same exhibitor also took the seventh best award with another green marked yellow cock from the same class.  It should be mentioned that the class that these two exhibits came from was a class of 226 birds and Mustafa Yilmaz took the first three places in the class which is a massive achievement. Mustafa Gunduz also had two birds placed in fourth and firth place which was also a superb result.


At the request of the judges additional adult classes were added this year which resulted in more adult birds being shown. The best adult was a beautifully feathered hen shown by Ufuk  Gules.


The show was closed with the presentation awards where every bird placed took home a trophy.

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