Steve Dominey

Yorkshire & Fife Fancy Canaries



5th JAN 2013

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A high quality stud producing true to type 'Golding' type      Yorkshire canaries. Our birds been developed over many years and are a true line bred stud originating from the bloodline of Joe Cluderay.


We are a true partnership and breed a consistant strain of birds.The existing pedigree stud can be traced back to 1994.


Our surplus birds are in demand but we welcome requests and try to help where we can.


Please contact either by the contact page or by email at;




or contact Bob by mobile on;

07858 379849





I can offer surplus birds bred in my room from October onwards.  Only good quality stock is offered to the concerning breeder.


My stud is developed from the bloodline of Wayne Morton.


I breed a selection of colours including, Clear, Variagated, Greens, Blues and Cinnamons.



Please contact either by the contact page or by email at;



Yorkshire Canaries 'Yorkie Supreme'                            Fife Fancy Canaries                                    

the partnership of;


    Steve Dominey  Essex                                          Steve Dominey  Essex                                                                                            

    Bob Pepper       Milton Keynes


                 All birds bred in our own birdrooms - We are hobbyists.








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