Steve Dominey

Yorkshire & Fife Fancy Canaries



5th JAN 2013



Both members of this partnership have been consistent winners on the show bench at the leading specialist club shows over many years with Bob Peppers success’ being comparable to many of the past greats of the fancy.

Steve was winning his first specials at these top shows in the late seventies and took the supreme award at the Yorkshire canary club in 1986 at the age of twenty six. He remains the youngest winner of this award. Bob followed in winning this prestigious award some years later with his clear yellow cock.

In 1994 Bob took the awards for the best six birds in show at the Southern Yorkshire canary club show where Steve sneaked into the specials with the best cinnamon marked award.































The was the start of a period of dominance for Bob and the 1999-2000 season saw his team virtually unbeatable on the show bench producing seven best in shows and two 2nd best in show winners which of course included his famous green marked buff cock which won a host of awards. Bob also won  the National Exhibition with his consistent winning clear buff hen.


One of Steve’s most notable exhibits was achieved with a clear buff cock who won best at the Welsh and Western YCC, 2nd best at the Southern YCC, 3rd best at the Eastern YCC and YCC winter show and sixth best at the YCC before being retired although it was his green marked buff cock that won best at the Midland YCC that year.





Bob Pepper;  show success’ include;

Best Champion exhibit at the following shows;

Yorkshire Canary Club, Southern YCC x2, Midland YCC x 3, Welsh YCC x3, Lancashire YCC x 4, Liverpool & District  YCC x3, Eastern YCC x5, Northern YCC x2, YCC winter x3 Southern YCC winter x3    & the National Exhibition of Cage & Aviary birds.




Steve Dominey;  show success’ include;

Best Champion exhibit at the following shows;

Yorkshire Canary Club, Midland YCC, Welsh YCC, Western YCC, Eastern YCC x4, Southern YCC winter x2.



A total of thirty nine  best champion awards at Yorkshire Canary specialist shows.


Bob with two of his famous winners,

his clear yellow cock and green marked buff cock

The 1994 SYCC show report as appeared in cage & aviary birds

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