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5th JAN 2013

Yorkie Supreme

This video shows some of Bob’s stud in 2002,

including several major show winners                  

Some of Steve’s stud filmed in 2004 all bred from Bob’s bloodline

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‘Steve Dominey & Bob Pepper’


Champion breeders, exhibitors & judges of Yorkshire Canaries




The Yorkshire Canary partnership of Bob Pepper and Steve Dominey really goes back to 1986 when Steve became the youngest ever winner of the supreme award at the Yorkshire canary club show. Bob was also in the specials that day taking the award of best novice exhibit.


Within a couple of days after the show Bob was on the telephone to Steve discussing the show and it was soon obvious that they both shared the same passion and vision of the Yorkshire Canary.


Several years later Steve bought into the bloodline that Bob had been successfully developing almost exclusively from the strain of Bradford breeder Joe Cluderay.


They have a strong like mindedness for the Yorkshire Canary and both are strong advocates of the ‘Golding Model’.


When Bob decided to leave the fancy for a couple of years Steve showed his birds in joint names to retain Bob’s interest while continuing with birds of 100% of Bob’s bloodline.


Now Bob has returned with full vigor the partnership of ‘Yorkie Supreme’ has been created utilizing Steve’s stud together with birds from the strain of one of Italy’s top breeder’s Massimo Goriero who in turn Bob had supplied top quality birds in the past.


Together they look to expand the stud and to continue to breed Yorkshire canaries with the ‘Model’ in mind.



























All of the birds shown are related, and one feature which almost all of the birds shown have, is that of length. Just look at where the tails finish on these birds when in the correct position.


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