Steve Dominey

Yorkshire & Fife Fancy Canaries



5th JAN 2013

Yorkshire Canaries


The breed was originally created by fanciers living in Yorkshire and in particular the city of Bradford where it was documented that there was a breeder of Yorkshire canaries in every road such was its popularity at that time with fanciers in that area. Today it is bred to the ‘Golding model’, which has for many years provided a worthwhile challenge to the serious breeder and exhibitor.


It earned its nickname as ‘The guardsmen of the fancy’ many years ago yet it remains a bird that breeders of other varieties still admire. A top quality show bird showing all of the desired exhibition points is still as difficult to produce as it has always been.


The standard asks for a specimen that is in length ‘approximately six and three quarter inches with corresponding symmetrical proportions’.


And there lies the challenge of the breed, not only must the bird be of the correct shape from all angles (as if turned on a lathe) posses the correct tight body feather, have its legs in the correct place and stand in the correct position it must then be balanced with its features complementing one another.


It is a challenge that sees very few birds on the show bench close to the required model yet many fine examples of the breeder’s art have graced our shows over many years. The breed’s popularity is worldwide and at present there is a massive interest in the Yorkshire canary on the continent.


Within the UK the breed is not at its strongest and this has been recognized by the YCC who have introduced incentives and assistance to new and potential new breeders. Other’s need to follow. Simply, we have lost far too many top names over the past years to remain as strong as in the past. There is not the number of studs in the UK that there once was yet there remains many dedicated fanciers and club officers, which hopefully we can build upon. It is certainly time for the fancy to pull together and support one another when possible. Our shows are the lifeblood of the breed, without them it would diminish.


The breeds future is in our hands, right now.


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Steve's best in show winning clear buff cock and clear buff hen

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